Sunday, January 18, 2015

R.I.P. Snake Valley 2014

We are sad to see our friends, family, and neighbor leave us. Here we pay tribute to them and the roles they played in our lives. May they rest in peace.

Natalie Jean Hale Bennett, formerly of Trout Creek

Clinton Brent Eldridge, formerly of Spring Valley

Elva Eldridge, formerly of Spring Valley

Peter Blythe Ford, of Baker

Cecil Garland, of Callao

Tonia Harvey, of Baker

Wendell S. Lambert, formerly of Baker

Wesley Ray Lewis, of Partoun

Tori Lee Murray, of Garrison

Catherine Lucile Bagley Reese, formerly of Callao

Dennis Schlabsz, of Baker

Timothy Arlo Swallow, formerly of Spring Valley

George Frederick Tripp, formerly of Callao

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If you know of someone else from Snake Valley who has died in the last year, please leave a comment below and we will include that person as soon as possible.