Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Snake Valley has lost too many good people this year. Here are links to their obituaries:

Marilyn Ambrose, from Baker

Grant Anderson, from Callao

Reuvo Bagley, from Callao

Genevieve Baker, from Baker

Guy Baker, previously from Baker

Ladd Davies, from Burbank

Sharlene Eldridge, previously from Baker

Doris Genz, from Baker

Bret Layland, from Callao

Dave Person, from Baker

Joe Schuh, from Baker

Gene Skinner, from Baker

Marilyn Sims, from Callao

Velma Timm, from Callao

Lorene Wheeler, from Garrison

Lee Whitlock, from Baker

We miss you and will remember you always.

(I apologize if I've missed anyone. Please leave a comment and I'll incorporate that person into the post.)

Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Baker/Garrison Christmas Program

Tuesday night was the night for the South Snake Valley schools to do their Christmas programs. EskDale preschoolers were first up on stage. What a bunch of cuties!

Then it was time for the elementary band and orchestra. They are making good progress!
Next up was Garrison elementary (grades K-2). The kids sang, played their recorders, and performed an original play. It was fun watching them.

Last, it was the Baker elementary school (grades 3-6) performing. They have some excellent actors! And the elf costumes were fantastic.

After all the entertainment, Santa came for a visit. The kids were happy to line up and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. I'm not sure if they mentioned if they had been naughty or nice!

Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Christmas Bird Count

 Today was Snake Valley's 2011 Christmas Bird Count. We had a good turnout, and despite the early-morning inversion and frozen state of most of the water bodies, we found 56 species. Above is a Bewick's Wren I found in a juniper near a spring. I was excited to see it because I don't see wrens often. They are cute, with their striped tails held at such a funny angle.

 This mountain bluebird provided some contrast with the winter scenery.

 We might not be New York City, but we still have our pigeons!

 This western scrub-jay was all puffed out to keep warm. We never got over freezing during the day. I'm sure glad I don't have to stay out all day and all night like the birds!

I saw more white-crowned sparrows on this count than any other. One flock had 61!
You can see a post about the 2009 Christmas Bird Count here. It includes more info about why Christmas Bird Counts are held and where you can participate. They are a lot of fun!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

 Early Saturday morning we were  lucky to experience a total lunar eclipse. It's the last one till 2014, so I was eager to witness it.
 I realized I should have started taking photos earlier, because the cool thing about any eclipse is watching the shadow move. Just seeing it at one point in time isn't particularly awe-inspiring.
There will be lots of astronomical events in Snake Valley this year, including several star parties, the Astronomy Festival June 14-16, and a Transit of Venus viewing June 5, 2012. Plus probably some more!
It's time to learn some more about the big universe we live in.