Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Snake Valley poetry


                   Snake Valley

Not much here:

mormons and gentiles

rabbits and crows.

Silence so dear

you hear for miles

after it snows.

Light so clear

rocks become sundials

as daylight goes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

West Desert Top Picks

West Desert Elementary students on a field trip to Bryce Canyon.

Snake Valley is a wonderful, diverse area of natural beauty. There is something for nearly everyone. Nature lovers can enjoy deserts, mountains, wetlands, and forests.

The great diversity is appreciated and enjoyed by the local denizens of Snake Valley, among whom are the students of West Desert Elementary School. In this blog, some of the students will share with readers their favorite picks in Snake Valley.

BLUE MASS by Kirk, grade 4

Hi, I'm Kirk. My favorite place in Snake Valley is Blue Mass. It's easy to get there. If you know where Pleasant Valley is, then go a little ways past and look for cabins on the left side.

What Blue Mass looks like is a bunch of trees, but it's a lot more. It has bumps! Bumps are fun to ride motorcycles on. I like to ride motorcycles there. My family loves to go on motorcycle rides. VROOM! on the bumps. ZOOM! across the whole area.

My family loves to go camping at Blue Mass. My family and relatives go there for our family camp-out. There's a stream there. It's a medium wide stream. Its length is pretty long. My family and relatives go fishing there.

Snake Valley is where I live so please help Snake Valley. Snake Valley means a lot to me. It's more than a pile of dirt!

TROUT CREEK WEIR by Dillon, grade 1

My name is Dillon. I am in first grade. My favorite place in Snake Valley is the weir. The weir is in Trout Creek. You go up the hill with the tractor on it. The road is sandy and then it gets rocky. The road has little lakes by it. And then it gets straight up and then there's a deep pond. The stream is two feet high.
The pond is about 30 feet high. It is over my dad's head. It has trees and bushes.My family goes to it on our motorcycles. We swim in the weir with life jackets. We ride canoes in it. We chain the canoes to the back of our motorcycles. Sometimes we bring boats in our truck.
And then we find lizards.

INDIAN FARM by Nicholas, grade 4

My name is Nicholas. One of my favorite places in Snake Valley is Indian Farm. Indian Farm is by Callao. There are a couple of trees and it's really rocky. It has a creek where we like to so swimming. There aren't any fish in the creek.

There are a lot of tunnels where we like to go. We crawl through them. the longest one is about 15 feet long. We go camping and we have picnics. We climb rocks and go hiking.

I think Indian Farm is great!


Hi, my name is Sky. My favorite place in Snake Valley is 3-C Camp. We call it the 3-C Camp, but it is really called the CCC Camp. If you know how to get to Callao, you will see a sign that says Indian Farm. There is a sign that says Callao, and you will know it is the 3-C Camp because it is by Callao.

There are two parts of the 3-C Camp. One goes to the water and the other goes to the camp. I like the 3-Camp because I like to skip rocks and we love to hike up the hills. Than I like to run down the hills. We have lots of friends that live in Callao that play with us.

Dad and I took a 4-wheeler up the hills. There are lots of bumps. There is a shack. They used to store dynamite in it. I know because my dad told me.

BORDER INN by Alanis, grade 1

My family loves to go to the Border Inn. It has games like car games, air hockey, and pool. You can eat there. I like the BLTs the best. We even go to parties in the Border Inn. I love to go to parties. It is fun.

WARM SPRINGS by Tiauna, grade 1

My name is Tiauna. I live in the Granite Ranch. I like to go to Warm Springs. Warm Springs looks kind of like a big pond. There are two rivers going down from the pond. Sometimes my brothers try to stop one of the rivers with rocks so the pond will get deeper. There are lots of plants by Warm Springs. there are little tiny trees and there are weeds with really pretty flowers on them. We don't pull them out because they are so pretty.

Warm Springs is really warm and I like to swim in it. Warm Springs has a little tiny cave. You have to duck to get in the cave. But by the cave, the water is colder. The cave gets warmer when you go down farther. Inside the cave, there are some petrified sticks. Inside the cave it looks like there is a machine and it's stuck in the ground under the water. There is a room down in the cave. It's dark in the room. It's kind of big. We see with our flashlight. The flashlight is covered with plastic so it can get under the water.

Our family likes to catch fish in our hands and then let them go. My brother is good at catching fish. He goes under the water without goggles to catch them. Then he shows them to me. I stand by the seaweed because that's where the fish go a lot, and I try to catch them.