Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Triathlon Photos

Thanks to Beth, we have some more photos of the fun triathlon.

Exiting the water onto the muddy beach.

Tagging a teammate. Think the poodle wants to get involved?

Whew, that was a good workout!

The beginning of the longer-than-anticipated run.

Getting on the bike with his sister's encouragement.
Waiting for everyone to finish.
Ready to go again!

Thanks for sharing, Beth!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Snake Valley Triathlon

Last weekend we went to the Snake Valley Triathlon. The route was to swim across Silver Creek Reservoir, run to the highway, and bike to the Border Inn. We had a great turnout despite mostly overcast skies.

Individuals and teams participated. The swimmers gathered on the far side of the reservoir.

Chandra waiting for the "official" start.
The water level has gone down quite a bit recently, shrinking the reservoir and leaving some water lines. It also made for some deep mud at the exit point.

And they're off!
The water was a surprisingly pleasant temperature.
Navigating the mud made for a tricky transition.
Ben was the lifeguard, watching the swimmers.
Some of the runners taking off.
We thought the run was only two miles, but it turned out to be almost three.
Here's the run to bike transition zone, complete with human and canine spectators. We thought the bike ride was only five miles, but it turned out to be seven. Everyone got a little extra exercise!
Meg said encouraging things to Jeremy, who finished in the top three.
There were a lot of fast runners in the race.
This is how the transition looked like as the runners approached it.
Andy getting close to the end of the run.

Some of the spectators had fun expressions!
Dave and Tana were part of the team that finished second.
Ben finishing the bike ride for his team.
Gretchen happy to have made it.
Water and yummy homemade coffee cake awaited participants and spectators.
Breanna was the youngest to complete the whole race by herself.
There was no awards ceremony (or awards), so everyone wandered around afterwards and tried to keep from getting stiff.
More spectators.
More finishers.
I love the expression on Cindy's face. Way to go!
She's happy to be done!
Heather and Tana discussing strategies for next year (maybe).

And here are most of the participants. Some of the kids were busy looking at the huge houseboat parked nearby--we don't see those too often in Snake Valley!

It was a fun triathlon, and hopefully we'll have another one next year!
Thanks to everyone who came!