Thursday, December 19, 2013

Return of the Turkey Shoot

 The weekend before Thanksgiving, Don Geary and Bill Rountree reinstated the annual turkey shoot down at the dump south of Baker. This had been a long-time fundraiser for the local EMTs, but was discontinued seven years ago for various reasons. This year they were ready to try it again, and enthusiastic sharpshooters turned out despite the cold weather. The funds this year benefited the Great Basin Water Network to help protect Snake Valley's water.

 The shoot consisted of many categories, and after each round, participants checked how they did. Whoever won that round won a turkey.

 It was interesting seeing the different guns folks had.

 The kids got involved, too, and there was even a special class just for them.

To make the day even better, refreshments were available.

Hopefully next year will bring an even bigger crowd to this fun Snake Valley event.