Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JLENS in Snake Valley

The illustration above is what's been tested north of Snake Valley, with giant aerostats about three-quarters of a football field long hovering up in the air, tethered to a mobile mooring station. These aerostats are supporting radar to try and detect incoming missiles (or in this case, drones). This is based at Dugway Proving Ground, and has recently been in the press because the FAA denied the launching pad near EskDale and told Dugway they would have to fly the drones south from Dugway into Snake Valley, turn them around, and have them fly back.

You can find more in this Millard County Chronicle article.

Also, the day after public meetings, the Pentagon released a draft 2013 budget with the curtailment of the JLENS project. It's interesting to read about the JLENS project from a different point of view: the Defense Industry Daily. They include how much money has already been spent on the JLENS project.

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