Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Cell Tower Going Up in Snake Valley

 Yesterday afternoon, something caught my eye: a change in the scenery in Snake Valley. Something really, really tall was going up.

Was it finally arriving? A permanent cell tower? I drove closer to get a better look.

 I saw a worker climbing on it. He looked so small. Since summer we've been able to use cell phones in the Baker/Garrison area due to a temporary Commnet cell tower, about 30 feet high. They said once they got the permits in place, they would put up the permanent tower, 180 feet high.

 What I was seeing wasn't even the whole tower.

They put on the top section this morning, and I went back for a closer look.

What at first looked like part of the tower turned out to be three guys, clipped into the tower and assembling the top section. What a job!

 Cell service will certainly improve communications here in southern Snake Valley. Commnet specializes in cell towers in rural locations, and a kiosk is supposed to open in the Border Inn soon. Do you think you'll be using a cell phone more often now, or will you save it just for traveling?


  1. Reliable cell service in Snake Valey. It's hard to put a finger on it, exactly, why it feels more like a step back than forward. But it's got something to do with the cheapening of communication. There's no longer an investment in our interaction, certanly not of our physical selves, or even at this point an investment of significant time. Where's the effort that makes the exchanges worth something? We no longer have to trick, con or swindle with our eyes. No more risk. No more reward.

    We devolve.

  2. In addition to a new cell tower, Choice Wireless, the retail arm of Commnet Wireless, is coming to town as it expands it retail offerings to cover this area. Information on our products is available at We look forward to all of our new customers.

  3. So, humanity has been devolving since 1876 when Bell invented the telephone?

  4. Looking good. At least what this ascertains is that people wouldn't have to be lost in the 'middle of nowhere' anymore. They will forever be linked up to a net, and to where their families are.

    Jen @ Tower Point