Monday, December 24, 2012

A White Christmas

Looks like Snake Valley will have a white Christmas this year, along with a white New Year's. Snow is forecast for today (Monday), along with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Wheeler Peak Snotel is reporting 15 inches of snow, and total precip of 5.9 inches since October 1, the beginning of the water year.

At the end of November, eastern Nevada was at 61% precipitation from the average water year, according to the NRCS precipitation data. Sounds like more snow would be a good thing!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas

 The kids in Snake Valley have been busy getting ready for Christmas. Last weekend was the annual gingerbread house event at the Border Inn. I think this is the third year of this event, and it keeps getting more popular! The kids (of all ages) have lots of fun trying out their creative ideas.

 The results are so scrumptious!

 The Garrison and Baker school kids performed to a packed house at Baker Hall. Following the elementary orchestra number (wow!), the younger elementary students did a play about a Very Classy Christmas, with a school of fish and other sea creatures. The costumes were fantastic! It is always amazing how well the kids do in front of a big audience.

The older elementary kids did a play about Santa and his reindeer going through a time warp and meeting some dinosaurs. They did a bunch of songs as part of it, and it was great to watch them.

After the program, Santa Claus put in an appearance to the delight of the kids.

There's still more Christmas fun coming up. The children's Nativity play at EskDale on Christmas Eve is always memorable. The smallest kids inevitably goof up a few lines in the cutest way imaginable.