Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sheepherder's Party 2013

 The 2013 Sheepherder's Party was a fun party with lots of entertaining people in attendance. I was feeling a little under the weather, so I didn't get to attend as may events as I wanted, but I did go both evenings.

Denys and Gary

 The open mike program is a favorite, and this year proved to match up to my expectations, with fun stories, well-crafted poems, and plenty of jokes.

I didn't keep notes of all the speakers, but I did get photos of them. Reporter Dean Draper from the Millard County Chronicle was there taking notes. He told me that this event was the big news for the county that day.

Below are the photos of the speakers/entertainers.

 Sourdough Slim provided some great entertainment. He also had additional performances Friday afternoon for the school kids and Saturday afternoon.

This was the tenth year of the Sheepherder's Party. It sure livens up a cold January!

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