Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Road Art Renaissance?

 I noticed some new road art yesterday and put on the brakes. I love road art--it's a great way to express our ingenuity and humor. To read about the origins of road art along the Cave Road in Snake Valley, click here. And here's a post with more road art.

Above is a nice play on Rowland Springs--Rollin' Springs.
 This one says Bristlecone.
 I really like how the beads make the water sparkle as it comes out of the bucket.
 Rollin' Ranch isn't a new one, but I haven't photographed it before. It's nicely executed.
Here's a cute beetle. There's still more, but at this point I noticed a hissing sound from the truck, which turned out to be a punctured tire. We had to skedaddle. I'll be back, though!

Seeing this new road art made we wonder if it's time to put more up. Once upon a time there was road art all along the Cave Road, making the drive so fun. One friend suggested we should have a Road Art Renaissance. I heartily agree. What do you think?

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